Ten Minute Detour

Here is my submission for the Weekly Photo Challenge:Today Was a Good Day.

I set this up so that each bullet would correspond to the picture. Since mesh is new, WP asked us to try it out and provide feedback.I think this would have flowed better with hover cards.

    • My day started out peaceful. The grey clouds forecasted rain. With some good tunes on the radio, I was able to roll along at quick pace. We were steady at work that morning and the hours seemed to fly by.
    • During my lunch hour, I took a ten minute detour. This is my lunch area, the place where I come to eat and read and watch the wildlife around me.
    • I tried to be quiet, but the crane had all ready been spooked by my arrival.
    • To my far left, another crane took flight.(You cannot see this here unless you are on your PC and are in full screen mode)
    • Before circling around to land in the exact same spot.

  • Something caught my eye to the right.
  • A waterslide!
  • Complete with hoses that were donated by the fire department.
  • I hustled through the remaining hours of work. When I returned home, I was greeted with hugs, kisses and a warm meal (priceless). We quickly ate and performed our nightly ritual – a stroll to watch the sun go down…
  • ….and the moon come up.(also can’t see this unless on full screen, pc)

Yes, today was a good day. But I bet you that when we put on our swimming gear and go to try out that slide tomorrow, that tomorrow will be even better.