On Veteran’s Day

A sincere thank you to all of the people, past and present, that have given their lives, and their sanity, in the hopes of creating a better world. 

I will leave you with some words that have haunted me through the years… 
“We were young. We were scared, but we had a job to do, and we believed that we were going to make a difference. Turns out we were just stupid.”

“And to think, that sixty years later, that we still haven’t found peace – that’s a real burden.”

7 thoughts on “On Veteran’s Day

  1. Fifty years ago I was a young and naïve patriot who decided to serve the country I loved. 3 years later I was veteran, a patriot who learned a valuable lesson, “You should never trust your government; it is vile and corrupt.” Thankfully in 2016, people, like yourself, have an appreciation for our sacrifices….it was not that way in 1970.

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