Skratch Bastid, Mama Cutsworth, and mosquitoes

I just want to to give thanks to anybody and everybody who puts music on their posts. Without your influence, I would be stuck, just listening to the radio. ☺ My Tuney Tuesdays were actually inspired by this post here. Enjoy ☺

Barking Back

Last night, Skratch Bastid’s BBQ came to Winnipeg. It was on from 1500h to 2300h in the parking lot of Union Sound Hall, and I really wanted to go. But for most of the day, it was too damned hot to dance, and sitting around drinking with strangers isn’t really my thing. So after careful consideration of information found on Facebook and Instagram (and of my pathetic budget), I decided to “steal” the Skratch Bastid show and then head over to the Cube to see Mama Cutsworth.

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21 thoughts on “Skratch Bastid, Mama Cutsworth, and mosquitoes

    1. Anand, you always have such beautiful, thoughtful words, in your comments and in your posts. Thank you for passing them along, you seem to possess the ability to warm my heart with your words. Sincerely, Kelly ☺

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