My Treasure Chest

I did have a quaint, little story written up for Shafali’s Creativity Carnival this week. But I just wasn’t feeling it. The piece just wasn’t good enough and I did not want to post something that I couldn’t be happy with. The best thing about this challenge is that it is completely open to interpretation. I can do whatever I please. I could have made a decoupage of flashy diamond rings from magazines. Instead, I will show you this.

This is my treasure chest. Thirteen years ago, a man named Carlos hand crafted this for me. He said the blue matched my eyes and he wanted me to have it “just because.” And no, he did not expect anything in return.

I was speechless. What could I say? I marvelled at the details –  the angle of the glass. the colors. Did you notice the how the edge of the petal juts out? It is a lip for ease of opening. And then you open it up…

Hopefully, you can appreciate the beveling around the edges of the glass now. And yes, that was all done by hand. The mirrored bottom reflects the light and all of its contents. It is a very pleasant effect when you have your gems in there. A delicate chain holds the lid in place.

This container is home to a handful of my trinkets, but I took them out so I could display the real treasure – the jewellery box itself.

37 thoughts on “My Treasure Chest

  1. Sorry for taking so long to get here. I think your treasure chest is beautiful. It was crafted with loving care then it was filled with trinkets that carried treasure of your memories within them. I absolutely love what you have done with the prompt. Thank you 🙂

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    1. No need to apologize Shafali ☺ Ever. Your comment brought back a memory for me – Carlos seemed so sheepish when I praised him of his work. He actually blushed and averted his eyes when I ooohed and awwwhed over his craftsmanship. It is too bad I cannot send him a copy of this post and all of the lovely comments that came because of it. It might be something that he could read in private and gush with pride. Thank you for your kind reply. ☺


    1. Thank you Nicola! I have to agree with you, it was so thoughtful that it brought tears to my eyes when he gave it to me. Thank you for taking the time to comment ☺ I hope you have a fabulous day 😊


        1. I puddle in stuff too. My poor sister gets a painting every Christmas and any other type of thing I am into at the moment. I am sure all of your family and friends appreciate it even more because it comes from you, just like my sister does ☺

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            1. I think photography is more fluid. Unless you’re in the darkroom, then that’s more of a process. But to just to go out with a camera, looking, gaining perspective, not really a process, just going with the flow.

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            2. Of course. I’m no expert by any means. Just a passion. Something I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid. It’s one good thing my dad did for me, putting a camera in my hands. Been a lifelong joy thus far.

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