Would You Walk into this Building?


No matter which way I looked at it….



Further away….

Or close up…

….this building just looks enraged to me.

I waited for a swarm of her locusts to spew out from her mouth and eyes.

For her mouth to widen and mutate into a vortex of leaves and dirt,



devouring everything in sight.

Is that creepy enough for you?

32 thoughts on “Would You Walk into this Building?

  1. Exploring old buildings is the best!!! All kinds of treasures in there. Although the “collapsing” aspect is kind of worrisome, but that’s part of the excitement. 🙂 Lovely shots!

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  2. I love old barns and houses. There are many around us as we live in a farming community. I photograph a bunch of em, have for years. Try black and white with that sorta thing. Creates a “mood”. It’s a little sad though. Those barns and homes supported a family, kids were raised there, first kisses were has in their lofts. Now they’re just dilapidated and near ruin, there best days behind them. I’m glad we saved our old farmhouse from that fate.

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    1. I tried black and white too, but it didn’t seem to have the same effect. There are many of these buildings around here too. I admire the old hip shaped roofs, the design, the effort that it took to get them there. Tedious cutting and hammering all for a little flare ☺ (I helped my hubby build a hip shaped shed). But I enjoy their design much more because of it and prefer it to the traditional triangular style roofs. You are right, it is sad. As I drove around I noticed how many buildings were left abandoned in the fields, structures forgotten much like the families that built them.

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      1. Yep, and at some point, the earth will take em back. I’m glad there’s others who document them. Otherwise, they’d be lost from memory. It is amazing the craftsmanship involved in these old buildings, even the barns that were for business. That level of pride is a thing of the past in most construction.

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            1. Me too. They have lots of character, but I would never use them just for the patience required during install. ☺ We are still at the stage where there are too many renovations that need to be done. That barn is more structurally sound than our house was ☺

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            2. Oh, believe me when I say, I know how you feel. Our place is 113 years old now and had sat vacant for nearly 5 years before it was offered to us. We have replaced roof, windows, HVAC, knocked down walls, put in French doors,etc. still much more to do. It’s exhausting just writing it!

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            3. Hey thanks for teaching me something today ☺ I just was looking up what those shingles would look like on a house and man, are they ever beautiful! It would be well worth the labor! Your house does sound like it was a lot of work, but it must have a lot of character too? And the growth that occurs between two people when you have endure renovations, that has to be worth something too. ☺


  3. I am a country girl so I would walk into this building with reverence….for you see, I see history and perseverance because it is still standing fighting all the elements of time. To me it is serene and standing inside of it….the smells….would make me feel at home. 🙂

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