The Painter

Photo Courtesy of Graham Lawrence

I was drawn to the lady painting in the garden.

She appeared as if she was in rapture as she added her brush strokes to the canvas with a theatrical flair. What was it that had captured her attention so voraciously? What part of the garden was she recreating with her brush? I stole a glance over her shoulder when she stepped back to assess her work. I was surprised to see not one flower, tree, nor leaf on that canvas, but a brown face with a long nose and two floppy ears. There were two white circles for eyes; the look of pure innocence represented by large, brown pupils.  A thick pink tongue draped out of its mouth, beads of salivation accumulated and dripped off of its tip.

The artist had recreated the moment beautifully – not of the garden, but of a dog, begging and drooling for a treat.

Writing101: Day 12: Play with word count (150-cha-ching!)



*true story*

23 thoughts on “The Painter

  1. I have a feeling the animal she drew is probably close to her heart. Funny how the narrator thought she was drawing one thing and it turned out to be a completely different but equally beautiful drawing.

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      1. I (when I do paint) paint, either from photos, or from life (seldom), or from a preemptive sketch (color pencils or markers, etc.). You see, I spend more time sketching (inks, pencil) in black on white paper than I do painting. Most of my painting has been done on request (commission). I’m not prolific, lazy artist, ever since I began to write. My knowledge of communicating has interfered with my need to express through the medium of drawing. I started drawing because of thwarted speech (brutal beatings, and repressed desire to communicate with words, anger)l. Any way, now that you’re back, read the post you inspired; “Why do I write” (it would interest you). Ma Salama, and sincerely; MAO

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      2. I often do this in replies, forget the purpose of the original communicate…
        I’ve tried the intuitive thing without much reward. However I do draw sometimes from the urge to create a scene, such as “western”. Or by request like for a baby blanket which was sewn in by a craft’s lady. Remote viewing sketches, I have never attempted. I painted from a vision one time but I was not happy with the outcome. It was garbage.

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