12 More Days!!!

I really wanted to write an eloquent post about the upcoming events in my life, but I am having trouble concentrating right now. Seems like 30% of my brain is singing “La La La,” 30% of my brain is dancing, and 30% is doing this…


In twelve more days we will be in Cancun!!!!!!!!!!!

Friends of ours are getting married. It will be our first holiday in Mexico. We are leaving the kid at home. La La La.

I am really looking forward to having some quality one on one time with hubby. Looking forward to a little romance (i.e. more than a nudge on the shoulder and a wiggle of an eyebrow when the kid is sleeping). It’s Tuesday, so here is a tune to celebrate…


51 thoughts on “12 More Days!!!

  1. Enjoy your trip and your chance to spend time with your hubby! I think it is SO important to continue “dating” your spouse after marriage and kids…especially kids. They are awesome little people, but they require so much of us that we have little left for others. I think trips (and dates) help us stay connected to one another. Cheers!

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      1. Well, the last time we were in Cancun, we were childless, and still in party mode. Plenty of that available there, for sure. The nice thing is that you can catch the bus in front of wherever you’re staying and not worry about driving at all. The open air market is pretty neat, it’s “downtown” and is a quick bus ride down there. I know most say don’t eat the food or drink the water, but we had no trouble at all. I recommend the Lime Daiquiri! Very refreshing. And we tried to go with authentic restaurants as much as we could. We also had rented a Jeep and drove inland to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. However, that was several years ago, and not sure how safe that is to do now. If not recommended, check out the ruins of Tulum. Short distance from Cancun, sit atop a bluff over the sea, and likely safe to reach. But if you can go to Cozumel, you won’t regret it. Bus tours can get you to Playa Del Carmen then take the ferry over to the island. For a day trip, you’re fine without a vehicle. Snorkel or dive if you can. We’ve been back to the area a few times but we always stay on Cozumel now. But we dive so it makes logistical sense. And it’s fucking beautiful, so there’s that. Beware the sun, and sometimes the surf. If its a black flag day, adhere to that warning.

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        1. Thanks for the warning! And the info! Tulum is a must. I would love to see Chichen Itza too. I really don’t know how safe it is, well look into it. You made it sound beautiful!! And thanks for the drink tip. The last time I went to a bar I had forgotten what was good and had asked the waitress to surprise me 😊

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  2. Yay!
    Enjoy it …before (dance and sing but don’t forget to pack ) , during (did I hear margueritas ? sunny beach ?) and after (when you return and share – what you can πŸ˜‰ – with us )
    Turtle Hugs

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