12 More Days!!!

I really wanted to write an eloquent post about the upcoming events in my life, but I am having trouble concentrating right now. Seems like 30% of my brain is singing “La La La,” 30% of my brain is dancing, and 30% is doing this…


In twelve more days we will be in Cancun!!!!!!!!!!!

Friends of ours are getting married. It will be our first holiday in Mexico. We are leaving the kid at home. La La La.

I am really looking forward to having some quality one on one time with hubby. Looking forward to a little romance (i.e. more than a nudge on the shoulder and a wiggle of an eyebrow when the kid is sleeping). It’s Tuesday, so here is a tune to celebrate…


Tuney Tuesday: DJ Champion

Just a little more on Sunset Drive

The road that leads to our house doesn’t have a name. If you look on a map, there is a small squiggle to indicate where the road is, but it doesn’t even have a number to identify it. Years ago, we discussed creating a road sign and debated what it should be. My vote? Sunset Drive. The first picture was taken just as I turned out of my driveway.

Now I also wrote about screaming along to music during my drives and Sabiscuit was curious enough to ask me what I listen to.(Please take a minute to visit her blog, she is a very artistic and creative person and you won’t be disappointed with what you find there). So I thought it would be great to share him with you…

DJ Champion stems from Montreal, Quebec. He is both a conductor and a musician. He often combines his love of classical music with soft beats and electronic guitars. When he tours, it is with his band “The G-strings” and a bluesy vocalist, Pilou. Better known for No Heaven, the song I will feature here comes from the same album Chill ’em All, released in 2004. It is completely instrumental, is nine minutes long, and is my go to song when I need to drown out my thoughts. Nine minutes is a lot to ask of you, so you might want to check nNgG or Montecristo instead. If you would like to read a little bit more about him, his music career or watch some of his live performances, you can check out his website here.

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all have a fabulous day!!!

Much love


Survived my First Solo Gig (with some help)

I just love it when people follow their dreams. I love it even more when they share the experience with us. Can we take a minute to give Nissetje props for surviving her first solo gig?

Barking Back

My improvised laptop stand: a thin wooden box decorated by yours truly. My improvised laptop stand: a thin wooden box decorated by yours truly. The grey cat is inspecting it for crumbs.

This past Saturday, I did my first ever solo DJ gig. All me, all night, booked for three hours. I was excited and terrified, since the longest set I’ve ever done in public before was only forty minutes, and I have always had sister DJs with me as mutual backup and support.

The venue was a downtown restaurant. They don’t have a dance floor and they weren’t expecting dancing, although they did know I mostly play house music and were okay with that. I planned to tone it down a bit for the beginning of the evening and so I prepped a lot of chill house, like St. Germain and Laurent Garnier.

On the day of, I had slept well but then couldn’t nap much during the day. Was starting…

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Tuney Tuesday: K-os

After reading Easy like Sunday morning by sonofabeach, I had to dig through my cd collection to find this.In case you haven’t heard of Canadian rapper/singer/songwriter/record producer K-os, let me introduce you to him. (pronouncd chaos, stands for Knowledge of Self). This song is called “Man I Used To Be” and comes from his 2004 Joyful Rebellion album.

Now, some of you are not clickers, so I have included the lyrics below (copied and pasted from http://www.azlyrics.com).
[Chorus x2]
I tried it, I couldn’t find it
Now I just wanna get back to me
Awe baby, hoo hoo
Back into the man I used to be[Verse 1]
Things that I said I wouldn’t do, I did ’em
Secrets below the service of truth I hid ’em
This mankind is past, but can he erase
The tears of a million years is human race
Of animals, that taught to walk upright
Then slave all day and fall in a trance at night
Flowing the planet, trying to find missing links
Like the men we used to be and always suppose to think
Mysteries, maybe not
It’s getting hot, we better configure the plot, but
I hold a pen with the grip so tight
That’s squeeze the ink out’ta the page, and write a song for the people
Came up from the underground, now I write above on a hovercraft sound
This microphone, like an an amphetamine
Keeping me clean, speaking in dreams
So nature can intervene, just for a scene


[Verse 2]
I walk the long path alone, my feet hurt
Lost some friends along the way, I did dirt
I went to church, I tried everything
From leaving my body, to watching the birds sing
For hours, so I could feel heavenly powers
Had been across the universe and inside of flowers
But what is it worth, I’m still just a man on the earth
Rappers are acting like man tan
Can I be candid, I can’t stand it
Rap bandit, got Kheaven acting frantic
I wanna swing my sword decapitate
But what is a man if he acts like an ape
So I sit back, planning my great escape
Load up my EPS and peruse my record crate
The man I used to be, I can only see by looking beyond me
So what is reality, I don’t know


Oops, wrong song, stop it stop it
You know what
I woke up in the morning
I took a trip to the corner store
That’s when I heard my calling
But I’d never heard the voice of truth before
So I kept on walking
Pretended I didn’t see
Walked by a window and my reflection said to me
You could try all the same
But you’ll never know this mystery
There’s no pile on your plane
So you’re not the man you used to be
Try all the game, but you’ll never know this mystery
When your pile has no plane
Said you’re the man you used to be seen
Holla and ya holla, you folla you fall
Ya holler and ya holla, you folla you fall
Ya holler and ya holla, you folla you fall
Ya holler and ya holla, you folla you fall
Ya holler and ya holla, you folla you fall
Ya holler and ya holla, you folla you fall
Yo, microphones get ripped holding us back
K dash rocking it out, rocking the cold style
Making it up, go along singing my song
Woke up, in the early morn didn’t know what was going on
Whatever, I don’t really know
Flows like an immaculate goat what up, whatever

Writer(s): Kevin Deron Brereton
Copyright: Universal Music Publishing A.D.O. Unive

Tuney Tuesday: Kevin Presbrey

If you own a ukulele, you might have come across some of Kevin Presbrey’s tutorials (under his UkeKillerHotel title on YouTube). He dazzled me with his strumming 101 tricks, taught me the proper technique for hammering on and hand muting,and he tuned me in with his ‘Happiest Ukulele Song’ in the world tutorials (1, 2, and 3). Suddenly, I felt like I had talent just by watching some guy with fabulous blue eyes on the other end of a screen.

Then, I saw him perform “Ms. Sunny Day.” Now, I am secretly crushing on him like a love struck teenager. *Sigh* This is a really upbeat song. Just a guy singing with his ukulele, but, sometimes, that is all you need. Hope you enjoy it ☺ (Don’t be lazy, the song is only two minutes long so click that button☺).

If you would like to learn more about Kevin or listen to more of his songs, you can check out his website kevinpresbrey.com.

Tuney Tuesday: Dedication to the Family Visit

To my Fabulous Family,

I could have went with something like ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ for this one but somehow the words weren’t in the right context. Did you know that Devo actually sang this to me once? He doesn’t remember this, him and that photogenic memory of his, but I do. We were snuggled up on the couch, arms wrapped around each other. It was sweet, romantic, and the only time in my life that a man serenaded me. ☺

Now I know our recent visit wasn’t filled with thrill seeking adventures or very much excitement. It seemed to be more about checking off boxes and we so appreciated your help. But it was filled with quiet moments in close proximity. Moments where we were able to share our thoughts, passions and ideas. Moments where we bonded over music and gemstones. Moments filled with laughter and smiles as we marveled at how well the kids got along. It was ‘something unpredictable and in the end it’s right.’ So please ‘take the photographs and still frames in your mind, hang them on a shelf in good health and good time.’ For ‘what it’s worth, it was worth all the while.’ ☺

So I am dubbing this our family song. Maybe if we ever take the leap down the aisle, you guys can a perform a duet!? I printed off the uke cords last night (hint hint). At least the next time we see each other we might be able to jam to it? I love the violins in the solo… (also a hint hint).

So do me a favor dear S.I.L., gather the family around when you hit play and have a listen. Please know that we love you all very much and your visit has left us wanting more, more time with all of you. You may look back upon your visit and wish we could have done more, but don’t. I just hope you all had the ‘Time of Your Life’ (Greenday, Nimrod album, 1997). Until next time…

Tuney Tuesday

If you do not have any knowledge of Canadian currency, this title may be lost on you.

Yesterday morning, I had the privilege of being able to crank up the tunes and groove out to one of my favorite songs. As I raised my arms in the air and swayed my head with the music, I thought “Man, what a beautiful song.”  And, like all things that are beautiful, I felt it should be shared with you.

So this is my initiation of a new installment here in my blog. Every Tuesday, I will share one of my favorite tunes and I will ask you to join me by sharing yours.(I am not sure how this will work – pingback to the post? Reblog? Suggestions? ) What I am after here is a way to expand my musical horizons. I want to know what moves you. What makes you shake your booty, drive faster, or what helps you to cry? Our musical tastes are heavily influenced by the things that surround us – our social class, our culture, and our mood. We can’t be listening to the same thing?? Please enlighten me!

I realize that this is the internet and that there is probably someone doing this here already. I am too lazy to look for them. If you feel like I am hijacking someone’s idea, let me know. I also realize that music is an individual thing and you may not like what I post here. That’s okay. I might hurt your ears, you might reconstruct mine. Let’s get started…

This first piece comes straight from the lips of Canadian hip hop, musician Kyprios. He hails from the west coast of Canada, from the lovely shorelines of beautiful British Columbia. What I really love about him is the fact that his start in this business wasn’t playing songs in dimly lit bars, it was through his poetry. He made his big debut back in 2001 at the Nuyorican Poetry Cafe in NYC with “Hate.” The following song is titled “Never Say Goodbye” and stems from the “Say Something” album he released in 2004. If this composition isn’t your style, then at least check out the lyrics. It will be worth your time to read them.

So do me a favor – take a minute to kick back, close your eyes and enjoy this melody. Most importantly, listen to his words – that’s where the beauty lies in this one.