Please excuse my absence…

…but my internet connection has been a little wonky this last week. I keep watching those little blue circles, waiting for your posts to load, and they are actually beginning to make me nauseous! It doesn’t take much time to pass before I start to contemplate doing thisEyes

because I actually think it would be less painful! You have to understand that I am not a very patient person! So before I do something completely irrational like this

Computer fist

I thought I should just leave the blogosphere alone. I promise to be back to my commenting/posting/ reading savvy as soon as this problem is rectified. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Happy Sunday!

* A very special thank you to the artistic and articulate Del Nolan for collaborating and providing the artwork depicted here. Please take a minute to read more from this lovely author! You can find his site here*


25 thoughts on “Please excuse my absence…

  1. Hi Honest Me 363,
    Yes, I love the sketches; they made your post funny, but it is you I wanted to come to visit today, not the artist. I am sorry you are having trouble with your internet connection.
    I am a friend of Hugh’s; I met you on his site.
    A few months ago, Hugh wrote a VERY popular post about groups A-D. D is the ghost group. He unfollows those people. He was candid with me when I correctly guessed I was in Group C. Gulp! I have tried to comment ever since.
    Thank you for liking my comment I made when you responded to him.

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      1. I wasn’t signed in with wordpress, the option was there to use facebook, i was surprised it worked. Yes the mad dash to the finish, oh wait, i m all ready, cept he does the food πŸ˜€

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