Snow Art

Silly people, who said snow had to be white? This was an idea that I had seen on Pinterest last year. I admit, I was a bit skeptical. When would it ever be warm enough to take spray bottles filled with food coloring outside? Mother Nature was kind enough to grace us with a warm spell last week. As a parent, you have to love anything that your children really get into.

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant


40 thoughts on “Snow Art

    1. I couldn’t dissuade her to taste them regardless! She likes to act like a cat sometimes, licking her wrists and combing her hair, somehow thinking she is clean then? I did take some fresh snow off the front deck for her to make a snow cone. None of the animals go on there in the winter, so it should be safe. 😊

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  1. I don’t see you either on any of my post…I get you in the unread….I unfollowed you and refollowed you not sure if that will help…I haven’t done anything on this end to stop you from posting…sometimes WordPress does weird things….but I am getting your comments on my unread….and you showed up on my email..not my spam…YAY so don’t stop I am getting your messages…maybe you should unfollow me and then refollow…..anc I love the colored snow….

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  2. What a great idea – and the yellow was bright enough to not look like – um…. You know! Ha – jk-
    But ten aftermath made me smile too. My son is in college now and told us this week he remembers putting maple syrup on snow when we lived in CO! So fun how these mini activities are fun now but also add to our essence!

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