For Whom The Bell Tolls

Written in response to Shafali’s Creativity Carnival picture below


Just my thoughts on this one….

Look at that spider, huddled in the middle of his home, comforted by the stillness of his surroundings. Is he waiting for that bell to ring? Is he waiting for the bell to toll signifying the loss of another loved one? Look at the rain, how it caresses the side of the bell, like tears cascading from above.

Sad to say, the only time I hear bells chime are at funerals. Furthermore, funerals, I think, are not how they are supposed to be these days. (Were they ever? Please enlighten me if that is the case.) They have turned more into a family reunion. A time where we gather to catch up on our lives. A meet n greet with a casket beside us.

Take for instance the most recent passing in my family – my Great Uncle Pete. He lived to the grand age of 92. It was a small gathering, with a typical church ceremony, and a quaint eulogy spoken by a dear family friend. Afterwards, we sat at tables, eating delectable dainties and asking each other questions. “What’s new? How are you? Are you enjoying retirement? ” Not a word was spoken about poor Uncle Pete. Not a word.

It fills me with guilt. Certainly we should have sat around and marveled over his life, his accomplishments? He lived to 92! Imagine the changes he had seen through out his life. And the knowledge he gathered? Should we not have shared some of his words of wisdom? He was always so happy to share what he knew. His mind was sharp up until his last breath.

I tried to initiate some conversation by asking questions about the stories he shared, but no one replied. They glanced over those questions just like they glanced over his body in the casket when they walked by.

Nope, not one word was spoken about the man we buried. Not one word.

45 thoughts on “For Whom The Bell Tolls

  1. Very well said, here in the UK I detest these “Theme Funerals”, to me its disrespectful but I am told you have to move with the times, why? Surely it should be as you said, a time to remember the person who has died.

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    1. I would hope so, but sadly that it is not always the case. All of the comments here just made me realize how clear a person’s wishes should be. Thank you, Anna, for taking the time to leave your thoughts. I appreciate it.

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    1. I am not a church goer Anand. My spiritual and religious beliefs differ from the conventional forms that surround me. Thank you for your comment. I am sure I would appreciate the chiming of the bells too, if I was in an area that could hear them.

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  2. I’ve enjoyed your take on funerals as they are represented today. So true and, well exemplified (“with a casket”). Good job. Thanks for the following. I am following your blog. Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. How sad that no one spoke about your uncle. At my uncle’s funeral reception, we told his favorite jokes – he was a punster – and chatted about him. Same at my grandmother’s funeral years before. I hope when I go, that my family will sit around and talk about me, telling stories and cracking jokes. That, to me, would be the finest tribute.

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    1. Thank you for the compliment Blondie aka ☺ I appreciate it. Those must be some pretty precise instructions. What a way to go, lighting up the sky! I think that is a marvelous idea! Thank you for that insight, it is making me ponder what instructions I should leave☺ Hope you have a great day ☺ Kelly


  5. I really like the first paragraph about the spider. The rest just sort of flows from that passage: bells, tears, stillness… the way in which your Great Uncle Pete was overlooked, quite like the spider perhaps, when someone rang the bell.
    That Creativity Carnival is a great inspiration for writing. The drawings are, to say the least, awesome.

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    1. They are awesome, aren’t they? I like your interpretation of it and I appreciate that you said it “flows”. My hubby thought it jumped from one thing to the other. Sometimes I try to work more on structure and tying things in, but this one I just had to blurt out. It’s always good to hear from you ☺


    1. Good idea! Makes me think that there should be a drop box at mine, where a person can leave their favorite story about me. After, everyone can pick out a piece of paper and share what was written. ☺


  6. In India, a bell usually hangs at the entrance of a temple, to be rung by the devotees so that their prayers may reach God. I admire your observation, and your take on it. If left to me, I’d like to be cremated without any ceremony. Often those one never wanted to see in their lives turn up at the funeral – supposedly to pay their respect, actually out of formality. Thank you for participating. I think I am getting addicted to reading your carnival posts, waiting to find out how you interpreted the cue-art.

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    1. Thank you for enlightening me with India’s traditions. It seems to be a more appropriate way to say farewell to our loved ones, at least I would have rung the bell in hopes that Uncle Pete had heard my goodbye. And thank you, Shafali, for providing the picture and giving me an opportunity to write about something that has been plaguing my mind. I quite enjoy the carnival and the personal touch your pictures provide ☺


  7. I absolutely abhor the “visitation”. I’ve already told my wife that if I die before her, I want a wake, a party of sorts, to celebrate the life I led, not mourn the loss of it. The best funerals are for New Orleans natives. They march through the streets with brass bands playing and the “mourners” singing songs of joy and praise. Then the wake begins, with the embalmed person sometimes sitting up in a chair, I swear, while the celebration of their life ensues. Weird? Yeah. But an awesome way to be sent out. Dang I miss New Orleans right now.

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            1. Be sure to post some pics of the Oregon coast. Been years since I’ve been out that way. I remember it being amazing though. I have photos from that trip but it would take me days to leaf through all of em to to find them. I really need to take a year sabbatical and organize all of them.

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            2. Omg. I have thousands of prints from the ore-digital era and thousands more digital. Most of those I have on my computer. But the prints! Oh the sheer volume is overwhelming. Someday I’ll get em organized.

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