Pregnant and Crazy

Seriously, my emotions are up, down, and all of the over the place. I want to stomp in my feet in utter frustration, laugh hysterically, and then curl up in a  corner and cry.

All within a two hour time frame.

Seriously, it’s fucked up.


55 thoughts on “Pregnant and Crazy

    1. Haha! I think it produces the same range of emotions, and hot flashes. 😊 P.S. Your comment was in my spam folder, just in case you have been commenting and not getting a response back.


      1. LOL hate to tell you it will get worse….LOL enjoy your time being pregnant…it was joy for me…..I loved rocking my babies….to this day they love rocking chairs (one is 29 the other 39) LOL


    1. As long as it turns out to be a baby sister 😊 She sets a plate for her at supper and tells me that I must be joking when I try to warn her that it might be a boy. I have to really thank you, Anna. Your post the other day really helped to release some of the anxiety I have been feeling. I realized that the worry I have been feeling is only the beginning, that it never ends and is all a part of being a parent.

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      1. That is so lovely what your little girl does at the table, if it is a Boy believe me she will love him just as much as if it had been a girl. No need to thank me poppet, I think I offend some people because I am too honest, but that’s me. Being a Mother/parent is the most wonderful thing we can do, you know that already. We worry as Mothers all the time even when grown like my two Sons 37 and 34 and still wanting to live at home. Whatever age they are they are still our “babies”. We Mothers. are like Tigers with our Cubs we will always protect them, yet we have to let them go too.

        You take great care of yourself and that beautiful Baby growing inside you, please congratulate your Husband for me. Can’t wait to see a picture of you with your new Baby, God Bless. Anna

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  1. I bawled every time the Cheers theme song was on. Also when I couldn’t sleep and I was up watching t.v. it was always the commercial of a diabetic child and the parent having to give him shots!! I was so freaked out! Congratulations!! It will all be worth it soon.


    1. I know! I feel really sorry for hubby-he has a constant look of bewilderment on his face. Poor guy. And the kids? What happens when they move back home? “Just for a short while”…it’s torture! And thank you, Patrick, for your understanding. Much appreciated 😊

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    1. Positive news 😊 And I’ll need to extinguish some unbased fears and anxiety somewhere…hope it helps to stabilize things. Thanks, Nissetje. I hope you are well? I’ll slip over for a visit when I can. Have been checking in on you.

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      1. So glad to hear it’s good news! Wishing you so much health and happiness! I’ve been reasonably well but horribly busy. Am working on a post right now and hope to get it up soon (just need to add the pics). Take care, you.

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    1. My second. And I was just as crazy with the first. I couldn’t write a journal then. It was like I was incubating my worst fears. Maybe this time will be a bit different. At least blogging opens a door that may allow me to be more open about my current state of mind.


          1. You are right! Being pregnant gives women the liberty to eat all we want without feeling guilty! 😄

            I’m sorry for “missing in action”. Too many things happened at home. Therefore, I’ve given up blogging. I had made my blog private as I don’t have the time to transfer nor copy out my postings. 😓

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            1. Thank you so much, my dear friend. 😊 You take good care of yourself and your baby, not forgetting little big sister too! 😄
              I’ll drop by occasionally. God bless you and your whole family! ❤️❤️❤️ 😉


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